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Frequently Asked Questions

To assist you in finding out all your need to know about the FootballCV Academy some of the commonly asked questions are shown below. If the information you need is not available then please contact us to find out more.

Common Questions

What is a typical week at the Academy?

The schedule below will give you an idea of a typical week for players on the full-time course although there are variations to this throughout the year.

Do I have to pay to join the FootballCV Academy?

As the Academy is a fully residential private academy there are student fees involved these are as follows:

  • UK/European students - £20,995 per academic year
  • International students - £25,995 per academic year
  • Short course fees from £639 per week

Can fees be paid in instalments?

Yes - we have a payment plan spread over three instalments. This can be discussed on being offered a place at the Academy.

Does the Academy offer any scholarships or bursaries?

Yes, please visit our page on Scholarships and Bursaries for further information.

I’m an international student can I still join?

Yes, the Academy has many international students that join. Ideally you would be required to attend a trial in order for our coaching staff to assess your ability. Should you be offered a place you would be required to obtain a tier 4 student visa, which we will provide information for.

Does the Academy provide me with an invitation letter to help obtain a visa?

The Academy will provide you with an invitation letter to help obtain a visa to attend either the Short Course or an Open Day/Tour.

We can only do this however once we have received the relevant booking forms and payment.

Where is the Academy located?

The Academy is located in Stamford, Lincolnshire which is central UK.

Do I need to attend a trial?

Ideally we would like to see a player in order for our coaching staff to assess their ability. This can be done in either of the following ways:

Attend an Open Day. Please download the form and return to us at the address shown and we can arrange to show you and your family the excellent facilities at The Garden House and Borderville Sports Complex.

Individual Taster Days for families unable to attend a specific Open Day date. Please download the form.

If unable to attend an Open Day or Individual Taster Day:

Send a DVD containing video footage of the player in action together with a summary of the players football history to date and a reference from a qualified football coach.

What is the age limit?

The main BTEC course is for players aged between 16-19 years of age. The Short Courses and Gap Years are for players aged between 16-21 years of age.

Do I have to study the college work whilst I am there?

In most cases players would register on the college course in particular International students to ensure they are eligible for a Student Visa for the full two years.

However a player can join the Academy whilst not taking part in the college course. They would join on a Short Course basis which means that international players may only be able to stay for a six month period as this is the maximum length of a Visitor Visa.

How long is the BTEC course?

To achieve the full BTEC qualification that the Academy offers will take two years.

At the end of the course am I guaranteed to be offered a contact at a professional club?

Unfortunately the Academy cannot guarantee that a player will find a club, as all clubs are seeking different types of players at different times and we all know how difficult it can be. However it does happen as Calaum Jaraldo-Martin will testify to - he spent two years at the Academy and joined Premier League Hull City!

We will guarantee though you will leave us a better player and we will aim to open up as many opportunities for you as possible.

How to find the Football Academy

Finding us is very straightforward - we are on High Street, St. Martin's, which is part of the main north/south road through Stamford. The Garden House Hotel is located at the south edge of town adjacent to the A43 junction. Entry to the car park (inside the walled gardens) is from Pinfold Lane off the A43 at the rear of the hotel.