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Football at the Academy

Full-time professional coaching and matches led by our highly qualified UEFA coaches at the UK’s first International Football Academy. Our football coaching includes specialist outfield and goalkeeping sessions, strength and conditioning training and nutritional advice. We help players on their journey, preparing them for the modern game as well as providing opportunities to be seen the professional clubs.

Our football courses and opportunities include:

Not sure which football course to choose? Drop us an online enquiry and we'll get back to you with the best options for your football career.

How Do I Join?

For further information on the FootballCV Academy courses please contact:

For more detailed information on how to join you can check out our guides for UK/EU students and International students or read our Academy Prospectus.

How to find the Football Academy

Finding us is very straightforward - we are on High Street, St. Martin's, which is part of the main north/south road through Stamford. The Garden House Hotel is located at the south edge of town adjacent to the A43 junction. Entry to the car park (inside the walled gardens) is from Pinfold Lane off the A43 at the rear of the hotel.