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The Football Course

  • The Football Course at the Football Academy
  • The Football Course at the Football Academy
  • The Football Course at the Football Academy
  • The Football Course at the Football Academy
  • The Football Course at the Football Academy
  • The Football Course at the Football Academy

The course will cover all areas of the professional game of football. The details below will give you an idea of some of the football content of the course where possible.

What's Included

With training sessions and matches led by a staff of highly qualified UEFA coaches, including ex professional players and managers, the Academy intensive training program will enhance every individual’s game. Sessions focus on improving a student’s individual technique, as well as tactical awareness and understanding of the game. Further improvements are made to each student’s physical attributes through strength and conditioning training, enabling participants to be fully prepared for the modern game.

Under the Academy team name of FootballCV Reds, which became a FA Charter Standard Club in 2008, competitive matches take place in National Youth, Under 21 and Senior Reserve Cups, as well as County FA Competitions. Friendly fixtures are also arranged against Premiership and Football League opposition, whilst specific trial matches in front of scouts are held, giving each student a chance to test and showcase themselves to professional clubs in England.

On and off the pitch a number of further activities are arranged for the benefit of students football development and make the course enjoyable, these include:

  • Trial matches in front of major club scouts
  • Competitive matches in National Youth League, County FA Competitions, Under 21 league and Mens Reserve Cup
  • Friendlies against Premiership and Football league opposition
  • Sessions with former pro-footballers and managers
  • FA Referees seminars
  • Sessions about contracts with a FIFA-approved Player's Agent
  • Expert coaching sessions for all outfield positions from UEFA qualified coaches
  • Specialist goalkeeping sessions from UEFA qualified coaches
  • Physiotherapy sessions / first aid training
  • Sessions with a Strength and Conditioning coach
  • Psychological assessments
  • Nutrition, health & lifestyle advice
  • Excursions to see Premier League and Football League matches
  • Visits to pro and semi-pro games with analysis
  • Team building activities
  • Media training
  • Opportunity to take FA Coaching Badges and Referee's course
  • and much more


How to find the Football Academy

Finding us is very straightforward - we are on High Street, St. Martin's, which is part of the main north/south road through Stamford. The Garden House Hotel is located at the south edge of town adjacent to the A43 junction. Entry to the car park (inside the walled gardens) is from Pinfold Lane off the A43 at the rear of the hotel.