The FootballCV Academy welcomed Ben Davis of the FA, to speak to the players on welfare issues and also educate them on the FA’s anti-doping awareness program.

The FA education programme is one of the largest in world sport, covering over 15,000 players from youth to professional level, including both male and female players. The programme is advised by UKAD to ensure adherence to UK anti-doping educational policy wherever possible and also utilises specialist drug and alcohol educational organisations.

“Over the years the Academy has invited many guest speakers in to talk to our students, with regards lifestyle guidance and support. It is important that we help our students to grow as people as well as footballers and as such, guidance on their welfare is paramount” commented head coach Ian Sampson.

FootballCV Academy

Ben, who spoke on behalf of the FA, gave an enlightening presentation on how a player’s lifestyle can directly affect their performance. He spoke about the differences and the issues modern day footballers may face, especially with regards to supplements and that some substances on the FA’s prohibited list, can be found in every day medicines. Modern day professional footballs thus have to be specifically careful in what they take, even for simple coughs and colds.

Sampson added “We are grateful to Ben and the FA in coming to the Academy, the players certainly were enlightened and it was very thought provoking”.