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FootballCV Academy Scholarships and Bursaries

About The Football Academy
About The Football Academy
About The Football Academy


The number and value of Scholarship awards will vary from year to year.

The decision will be dependent upon the quality of candidates entered and funds available however the maximum available is 25% of the annual fee.

In every single case, regardless of age, a candidate’s whole contribution to Academy life is taken into account. They are subject to regular review and may be withdrawn if the Directors, in consultation with staff and after due notice, do not feel that Scholarship standards are being maintained.

You will be expected to contribute fully to football and the academic studies and will be expected to demonstrate role model behaviour.

All Scholarships are subject to the conditions of registration and admission. Applications are only available to students joining our full time program, for further information please contact Academy Director Martin Harris via


The Directors may at any point during an academic year make a limited number of one-off small discretionary “awards” typically to the value of £100. These may be in any area and are offered in recognition of excellence to those who are not Scholarship holders. Their purpose is to assist academic research or development in a specified area.

Foundation, Bursaries and Alumni

As part of the Academy’s ten year celebration the Directors aim to set up a Foundation in order to strengthen relationships with its alumni and partners and to raise funds for bursaries and capital development projects which will benefit the Academy and enhance the educational and football experience.

The Academy continues to do everything it can to maintain its position as the first and leading private football academy in the country. Whether your interest is the support of capital projects or the expansion of the Scholarships and Bursaries programme, we hope parents, former students and parents and friends will commit to this objective and give your support to the Foundation.

The alumni club will consist of former students who have attended the Academy since its inception in 2007 with the aim to hold regular events and fixtures as well as to support the Foundation.

Further information for those wishing to support the Foundation and Alumni club can contact the Academy office on 01933 420000.

How Do I Join?

For further information on the FootballCV Academy courses please contact:

For more detailed information on how to join you can check out our guides for UK/EU students and International students or read our Academy Prospectus.

How to find the Football Academy

Finding us is very straightforward - we are on High Street, St. Martin's, which is part of the main north/south road through Stamford. The Garden House Hotel is located at the south edge of town adjacent to the A43 junction. Entry to the car park (inside the walled gardens) is from Pinfold Lane off the A43 at the rear of the hotel.